Nature as the very regulator of our “birth rate”. So no excuses for silent wars. How the “immortal” bodies of ai fit in?

….the conditions of being-existence were especially created for the three-brained beings through the most saintly labors of the essence-loving, Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.
“During that period, not only did their ‘death rate’ begin to decline, but
what they call their ‘birth rate’ also declined.
“And this was because the three-brained beings there were then existing more or less as is becoming to three-centered beings, and the emanations issuing from them yielded vibrations more akin to the vibrations required from them by Nature, both for the Most Great Common-Cosmic Trogoautoegocrat in general and for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios in particular. And thereafter, Great Nature did not fail to adapt herself to the diminishing of their birth rate as she has less need of those vibrations that are obtained from the destruction of the existence of beings… the more so as in recent times the need for the said vibrations for the maintenance of the existence of the planet Moon had to be diminished.

“Thereby there was practically demonstrated one of the cosmic laws called
the ‘law of the equilibration of vibrations,’ that is, vibrations arising from the
evolution and involution of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great
Omnicosmic Trogoautoegocrat.

....the vibrations required by Great Nature that are formed from the emanations issuing from beings both during their existence as well as from the process of their ‘Rascooarno’ (point of death) have no significance quantitatively, but only qualitatively.  

Later on….

….on account of the gradual and steady deterioration in the quality of the vibrations emanating from their presence for the needs of Nature, there was a shortening in the duration of their existence and at the same time an increase in their ‘birth rate. ‘   

“Here it is extremely important to note that these terrifying processes (of reciprocal destruction) could never have occurred among the three-brained beings of the planet Earth if those data for engendering the being-impulse of Conscience, which had remained intact in their subconscious—data to which the Most Saintly Ashiata Shiemash was the first to turn his attention, and which he relied upon for the fulfillment of his mission—had taken part in the functioning of that consciousness of theirs which has become habitual for them during their waking state.

Excerpts from:  Beelzebub’s Tales to his grandson G.I.G

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