One Thing that Will Make You Rich for Life

“There are two struggles – an Inner-world struggle and an Outer-world struggle. But these worlds can never make contact with each other, to make data for Third World. Even God cannot give the possibility for contact between Inner -world and the Outer-world, neither can your heredity give it.

Only one thing can give it: you must make an intentional contact between the two worlds; then you can make data which crystallize for the Third World of man, called by the ancients the World of the Soul.

I can give you a small example which will perhaps give you the “taste” of this intentional contact. You, for  example, when you give up cigarettes. You have an Outer-world struggle not to buy, not to take, but remember always to break habit.; and you have an Inner world struggle- you imagine how it was when you could smoke- you imagine it in a different way, with more logging… will have made this cigarette an Intentional Contact between the two struggles, and even by this small effort you will have made data for the Third World.

I will tell you one important thing to say, each time when the longing to smoke comes: I wish the result of this suffering to become my own, for Being. Yes, you can call that kind of wishing suffering, because it is suffering.

This saying can maybe take force from your animal and give it to your Being.”

From the Unknowable G   by Margaret Anderson.

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