Food for Matrix

To the scientists working on genetic modifications of the species:  Genetic modifications destroy not just tastes and scents but condemn humanity to “automatically reproducing subjective presence”, unsuspecting the presence of “ inner octaves”

“Of course, the beings of this continent do sometimes consume fresh fruits. But these fruits of theirs can hardly be called fruits, they are simply, as our dear teacher would say, ‘freaks.’

“Thanks to their wiseacring with the fruit trees that exist in abundance on this continent, various ‘scientists of new formation’ have succeeded little by little in making these American fruits at the present time just a ‘feast for the eye,’ and no longer a form of being-nourishment.

“The fruits there have been cultivated in such a way that by the time they are ripe they contain scarcely anything destined by Great Nature for consumption by beings for their normal being-existence.

“These scientists of new formation are, of course, very far from suspecting that, when any surplanetary formation is artificially grafted or manipulated in any such fashion, it is reduced to a state defined by Objective Science as ‘absoizomosa,’ in which it absorbs from its surrounding medium cosmic substances useful only for the coating of what is called its ‘automatically reproducing subjective presence.

“Indeed, from the very beginning of this most recent contemporary civilization of theirs, it somehow happened that the beings of all the innumerable separate groups there adopted only one of the seven aspects of the fundamental commandment given to three-brained beings from Above, namely, ‘to strive to acquire inner and outer purity’, and this single aspect, which in a distorted form they made their ideal, is conveyed in the following words:

” ‘Help everything around you, both the animate and inanimate, to acquire a beautiful appearance. ‘

……nowhere on the other continents of the same planet or even on the other planets of that solar system have I seen fruits so beautiful in appearance as that of the present time on this continent …. on the other hand, as regards the inner substance of this fruit, one can only have recourse to that favourite expression of our dear teacher:

” ‘The greatest of all blessings for man is the action of castor oil.”

Minding these words were written almost one hundred years ago, before the genetics mesmerized the whole scientific world.

What about  scientists working on human and animal genoms? Do they consider vibrations when aiming to transplant pig’s gm organs into the human bodies?

” ‘If you wish I will also show you this highly interesting experiment. ‘

“Whereupon he got up again and went into the adjoining section of the cave, from which, with the help of the boy, he soon led in three quadruped terrestrial beings called a ‘dog,’ a ‘sheep,’ and a ‘goat’, he also brought in several strangely shaped devices resembling bracelets.

“He put one of these special bracelets on the arm of the dervish Bogga Eddin, and another on his own, saying to me as he did so.

” ‘I am not putting one of these on you . . . as I have rather weighty reasons for not doing so.

“He next put one of these strange collar-like devices around the neck of each of the animals and, indicating the vibrometers on these devices, asked us to remember or write down all the figures indicated by the needles of the vibrometers on each of these outwardly different beings.

“We looked at the figures shown by all five vibrometers, and wrote them down on writing pads that the boy had given us.

“Then the dervish Asvatz Troov came and sat down again on the felt, and told us the following:

” ‘Every form of “life” has its own “totality of vibrations” proper to it, which represents the sum of the vibrations engendered by all the separate organs of that form of life And in every form of life this sum varies at different times, depending on how intensely the corresponding sources, or organs, transform these vibrations of diverse origin. ‘Now within the limits of a whole life, all these heterogeneous vibrations of diverse origin always blend into what is called the general “subjective chord of vibrations” of that life.

‘Just take, as an example, my friend Bogga Eddin and myself. ” ‘You see . . . ‘ and showing me the figures on the vibrometer on his arm, he continued:

” ‘I have a totality of so-and-so many vibrations, and my friend Bogga Eddin has so many more. ‘This is because he is much younger than I and some of his organs function much more intensively than mine, thereby producing in him corresponding vibrations that are much more intense. ‘Now look at the figures on the vibrometers of the dog, the sheep, and the goat. The sum total of the vibrations of the dog is three times greater than that of the sheep, and one and a half times greater than that of the goat, while the total number of vibrations of its general chord of vibrations is only a trifle less than mine and that of my friend.

” ‘But it must be remarked that, especially in recent times, there are many men to be met with who have not even as great a number of vibrations in the “subjective chord of vibrations” of their common presence as the number shown for the presence of this dog.

‘This has come about because in most of these people one of the functions, namely, the function of emotion, which gives the greatest number  of subjective vibrations, is almost completely atrophied, and so the sum total of the vibrations in them proves to be less than in this dog.”

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson G.I.G

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