What? “Experts” negotiating killer robots on the premises of the United Nations??? Do they have windows there?

Seriously, I have been raped by electronic technology 50 times a day for the amusement of the whole planet and I am more or less patiently waiting till you wake up to the horror of what you are doing not just to me but to other millions of people on this planet with full knowledge and blessings of all governments, global defence departments and the famous United Nations. I wrote to all of them and they have done nothing to stop you to this day and you enjoy these bodily massacres with sadistic pleasure, totally ignoring the fact that I am trying to protect you from what your governments are hiding from you. Now they have prepared for you the killer robots, totally unnecessary device to  degrade your humanness to zero and to show you what they think of you.  You could stop this revolting act by  massive protests. But  “they”know you will not. They know you will rather follow me with your smart phones and an aluminium cans which will cause you  Alzheimer  and dispose yourselves of fluids at Charles Bridge.

So good luck in the future.


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