A hidden dog?

I am looking at the picture of quite decent looking men, with a round seal in the middle: the seal has  a classical pyramid on it, with a chopped off top that is  replaced by the SUN ABSOLUTE, illuminating the whole Universe by light and love. In the middle of the SUN is a triangle with a single eye, not the God’s surveilling eye but a single eye of a seeker, who managed to climb up the mountain/pyramid, reach the  highest level of consciousness and see everything at once as a whole, as opposed to being fragmented by thousands of usual  little I’s of ordinary states. That way he/she finally gets home, illuminated by the LOVE of our CREATOR.

Any real student of any real esoteric school will understand that, if not more.
He cannot get there by chopping off people’s heads. It is an internal process.
What I miss in  professional reporting is actual practical knowledge of esotericism as such, which makes it hard for people to realize what is kept hidden from them.
I cannot see how we can get out of this planetary mess without it.  We need to unite and how can we unite when there is no common language and the orthodox science even does not recognize different states of consciousness and people themselves do not know that they are “unconscious” most of the day. The shift of consciousness is not an automatic process, it is a hard work as any adept of this endeavour is aware of.

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