Vaccine Science Hostage

– no wonder, the catastrophic increase of different brain disorders with the lasting consequences for the whole societies across the planet is getting too visible and Pro- Vaccine Science has not come up with a single peer review study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children/adults, so the concerned public, weighted with negative personal experiences is trying to find out where is the problem. And finds out that there are two types of studies: The first one comes from the independent scientists, who have to submit their studies to peer reviews of their colleagues and the second is conducted or ordered by the medical industry itself and does not require peer reviews.

From different analyses of vaccines it is quite obvious even to a lay person that their composition aims for many additional purposes to the original creation of immunity to a disease. So perhaps the scientific community could finally come to realization that people are not completely dumb and with the internet and a little bit of research abilities they can inform themselves quite precisely about where the wind blows.

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