The deadly mystery of Desiccation behind the farmers’ crops for human consumption

Professor Dr P.Drasar (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague) in his interview for DV TV  mentioned that glyphosate can be considered by its structure as a chemical warfare agent and should be treated as such by those who come in contact with it.

He was not so much concerned with its carcinogenicity as with  its ability to affect Cytochrome P450 enzymes which are the most important enzymes in Phase I metabolism in mammals, and are primarily responsible for the metabolism (degradation and elimination) of drugs.

The Human Genome Project has identified 57 human genes coding for the various cytochrome P450 enzymes.  So they affect  the whole range of other mechanisms which can jeopardize the healthy functioning of the human organism.

It was originally thought that its toxicity was very small and it would disintegrate in the soil. That is partly true, unfortunately with the  increased level of further toxicity, in the soil as well as in human bodies, it influences the functioning of antibiotics, it teaches bacterias to be resistant to antibiotics. Its harmfulness far exceeds the carcinogenicity, “We can deal with cancer but not with these effects on human organism.  As with chemical warfare agent its usage should be applied while wearing an anti-nuclear suit.”

Of course it brings up the question of the uncontrolled spread of genetically modified flora for human consumption affecting the bees and insects, which is closely tided up to the sell of the glyphosate. In Europe there is no way we could recognize the GMO from non GMO. The seeds stopped germinate though, including majority of those from organic/bio retailers. Silent war.

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