Do we want to carry on like this?

To collect such information and get it through to the public means that lives of all involved writers are endangered and they do not do it for pleasure or a fame, I believe they do it because they could not sleep at night if they did not bring it out.

I do not know what the authors expect of us as  readers but there was a clear reaction in me: DO WE WANT TO CARRY ON LIKE THIS?

If yes, fine, watch your cricket, tennis, socca and have fun with fake news while there is still time.

But if not, we should first realize that this planetary  warfare has been going on for centuries and we, the so called western nations, are profiting on its death game scenario and outrageously blaming the undeveloped world for terroristic acts, which can be ALL unmistakingly traced to our alphabets of different kinds. So to talk about terrorism is a hypocrisy of the highest order,  the military industrial  complexes are the most profitable businesses on earth, first they destroy everything and then rebuild it, all at the expense of the local public.  There is planetary karma working on different levels so I would stop this nonsense as soon as possible.


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