Pre-truth era

It is so easy to get identified with the bones thrown at us from the lesser above.

We chew and chew the Russiagate, time passes by and your favourite 5G is about to get underground. Will it be safer there for you or will it sterilize you and create more cancer the same way the “above the ground” facilities do as frequent analyses suggest?

I have a problem with all the current theatre. It is hiding the crimes against humanity, which have been going on since the last century.  Yes, we are human beings and trespassing the laws is a part of an evolutional process for someone like me.

But there are limits, which must be respected, as beyond those is the realm of the unconscious which always attracts universal denying forces, that bring humanity to the point of mutual reciprocal destruction. And we crossed those limits. I don’t know if we can get out of it either without that mutual reciprocal destruction or without the denying forces we attract from above. I have been telling you about the natural law of the equilibrium,  I am quite sensitive to it so when I see how the director of this global show pushes endlessly the script one way and then the other, I go the opposite way. It takes only a week to change completely the public opinion, sometimes not even that long, one good speech followed by a right question can do the job in 10 minutes.

So, seeing the on going insane Russiagate I cannot but add few things together.

I am not blind to the fact that the global military industrial complex divided the world into several sections and supplies them with their production, so from that aspect the protagonists are equal and the wars are in their interests, so it is obvious that politics are not run by any political party as none of them have enough money to finance trillion dollars enterprises. Those behind the curtains do not give a damn which party wins, it’s just a show for us the masses. But in that show one can observe several indisputable facts: The western governments can be characterized by unprecedented mendacity on several  issues, the most criminal one is the human experimentation and torture going on on this planet since the Second World War, despite of the Nuremberg trials, which seemed to bring only few cosmetic changes, the rest of the scientific platform was  just  re-located to the research centres in overseas.

With the progress of new electromagnetic and psychotronic technologies  military scientists have nowadays an incredible advantage of having 7 billion people at their disposal for clandestine human experimentation , backed up by governments, scientists, medical associations, juridical systems, military,  police,  human rights organisations even the United Nations and some main stream media “bitches”  which have no guts to tell the truth, or rather have no idea what and where the truth is and by their venomous derisions only paralyze those who try to alert the public about what’s on the horizon. By the way Russian president is the only president on Earth who protected his citizens against the psychotronic weapons by law. So if journalists  consider the 2016 election  “the story of the century”,  this must be the story of the millennium and only a partial one.

The global weather control covered up by the climate change scheme is  another criminal scandal of international proportions; hiding the origins of humanity and the  purpose of its existence in the Universe by taking the transhumanistic direction is bringing the planet and its people close to a disaster and not revealing its source of light and heat hinders the evolution of science as well as humanity.

So if we look at Julian Assange &Wikileaks from this aspect, yes one could say they got  into the trouble by themselves simply by deciding that such info should be available to humanity.

Looking at it from the historic point of view, I recall a scene from the film about A. Lincoln. When there was voting going on about the abolishing of slavery in the Us, the judge himself stood up for voting, saying something like he wanted to take part in writing the  history.

Well few hundred years later we have become slaves as never before, not just our bodies but our minds, thoughts and psyche have been hacked and the Universal Reference System called the ABSOLUTE SUN or GOD stolen. The global military uses the martial law to suppress the truth,  total disinformation of the masses has been  almost accomplished,  journalists, whistleblowers, activists scientists doctors and people who dare to speak the truth get ostracised and frequently murdered, and this state of affairs is called “the post- truth era”

Well maybe it is just another “flat earth” misunderstanding and we are in the pre-truth era…. why do we have to wait for? For a slaughter?

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