Mr President,

The original idea of the nuclear weapons was that it would lock all protagonists into their territories and the world would be safe because none of the parties could use them  without destroying the planet as well.

But what looks like happening is that the superpowers want to  keep the exclusive rights to their nuclear arsenal as well as having almost an absolute control over every human being of this planet via the electromagnetic and psychotronic technologies, enabling you to control the Nature’s processes on a planetary scale as well. Because of the  UNIVERSAL LAW OF EQUILIBRIUM I cannot believe it is sustainable for very long.

So why not to  concentrate first of all on the re-establishing of the UNIVERSAL CENTRAL REFERENCE SYSTEM our ancestors called GOD so that all  our “machines” could get synchronized to ITS frequency?  Then the real creativity could deal with our inherited    destructive tendencies.

There is too much of ancient knowledge in Iran to be destroyed by the barbaric forces of the military. We might need it.

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