Nothingness  seems to intrigue the man’s mind, the philosophers ponder about it, the scientists hypothesize, when the debate gets lost in abstraction humour steps in…Listening to such pondering I thought I would bring an experience of reality to it.

When I joined an esoteric school 30 years ago I was told the most important food for us were impressions. We cannot live without them for more than few seconds. I had never heard about it before, so I wanted to know more and one of the senior students was trained in psychology and she explained there were experiments done at research centres, where  the scientists would close themselves into the special bags in cabins, deprived of the external impressions.  There was still sensing of  a touch present, but none could withstand it for more than few minutes.

Years later I had what is called a conscious dream.

I happened to be in a space without any shape, any object, in a total sensory deprivation except the  visual but there was nothing to see, with no access to my memory, just being in the moment. It was a moment of a terror I had never ever experienced before. I decided to run out of it, I was running and running, quicker and quicker, almost loosing the soul as we say in Czech.

I got to the end. There was nothing.

Be all saved from that place. Fortunately I woke up.

This place and its psychological state was  nothingness for me and I truly believe it is in the diagram of classification according to cosmic traits the end called Holy the firm, the hydrogen without the Holy Ghost.

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