To the President of The United States

To The President of The United States

The White House                                                                                                                                    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                                                              Washington, DC 20500


Mr President,

Addressing the inherited  critical issues to you is not the most just act to do, but please try to comprehend what I am aiming to express.

We have this absolutely unacceptable situation of the biggest breaches of human rights in history of our current civilization but its merit  reaches far beyond that, and the whole world of leaders and msm seems not to understand that by officially  ignoring it you are all indirectly jeopardizing our civilization that  I consider extremely irresponsible and clearly criminal in its nature. Perhaps it springs from not understanding that  military science has reached the point of crossing the threshold of life and death mysteries and in accordance with their power- loving features they use such knowledge for the global domination and  man’s total physical as well as psychological enslavement,  where anybody with the access to population’s unique biocodes can remotely  command all bodily functions of any citizen on our planet in the absence of laws which would first admit such capabilities and then protect people against their sadistic implementation by those in power.

Mr President I am not talking about some billionaires, trying to influence presidential elections by financing few idiotic photographs. I want you to understand, that your defence departments read all our thoughts even before they formulate themselves in our minds,  you and your family will be hardly spared and  the same certainty applies to all government’s officials.

It is not a matter of  whistleblowing or threatening the security of any country, it is about the globally centralized military power, that violates the most basic Law of the Universe, the FREE WILL of man, without which we are not capable of fully  transforming all  cosmic energies – our primary function we were created for in the first place. And  due to the transhumanistic technologies we, as the only species of this planet that were given by the CREATOR the possibility to tune our subtle energies to higher frequencies , are loosing such unique privilege out of sheer ignorance.

Your defence departments have had  such  esoteric  knowledge at their disposal  for  100 years, how come they misuse it for devastation of our planet, spying  and inhuman experimenting with mind control and suffering of masses instead of using it for lifting up our consciousness?

That is a clear abuse of Nature’s laws. According to them the leaders’ imperative should be

“The striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, up to the degree of self-individuality.”

I see nothing of that kind coming from the planetary marshals. On the contrary, they seem to be arrogantly engaged in street theatres and  research of deceiving: “ to elucidate the conditions necessary for collective deception to evolve, and since no better paradigm exists  – to do so within a neo Darwinian, behavioural ecological framework”

Mr Darwin’s subjective theory of evolution has nothing to do with the objective knowledge and science of genetics must be able to prove it by now. The global defence departments are withholding vital information from 7 billion people about the Earth’s mysteries, that is unheard of since the flat Earth times.

It has many foreseen consequences for our planet because if they know for instance that we do not originate from apes and that the Universe is theistic yet they hide it from public, the new coming generations of scientists will direct their researches towards transhumanism as their main attraction and will omit research of finer properties of subtle energies, connected with what is called the soul. They would discover that electricity does not run only motors but its 5 variations keep the planetary bodies of species alive and would want to know how it participates in coating of our souls without torturing us as military does, instead of attacking  the global electrical circuit  with  5G technologies.  Your Native people’s seven generation principle   of the impact of their work on  our descendants is largely  overlooked already for the present generation.

By that same act they are also stopping the unique possibility of connecting all religions through  scientific foundations which would greatly reduce  endless wars and  hatred, based on sheer misunderstanding.

I had learned esoteric science in Australia and being  surveyed 24/7 by your defence departments for decades, (since 2010 even publicly in the reality show with the shocking effect of  the ethical degradation of human nature), I got  few insights into the clandestine work of global intel. I am very well aware of the limited exposure of such topics to wider audience and their possible incomprehensibility or misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I feel very strongly about their political aspect which I believe covertly affects other parties like Wikileaks and Mr Assange. I consider it insane that truth can be denied as a fake news  in the face of 7 billion people for so long, basically we are all under the global martial law and those who expose the planetary dangers have to face denying forces, are persecuted, even tortured or forced to exiles.

Any sensitive observer must come to a conclusion that the Universal Law of Equilibrium will sooner or later manifest itself in one way or another to compensate this enormous imbalance of power over the individual.

Please could you address these issues to the Pentagon. Your country has so many professionals and scientists, who can rightly advise you on these matters that I do not see any reason, why the most powerful country on Earth needs to enter the textbooks as the biggest oppressor of civil rights and Universal laws of Nature in the history of mankind in times, when the conscious, loving Universe is opening its doors to us.

With kindest regards,

Dagmar Palmerova

A copy sent to The American Embassy in Prague, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Prague, to the NATO HeadQuarters.

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