The Emblem

Christmas celebrations differ from regions to regions and continents to continents. In the Anglo-Saxon world I noticed there have  always been deer statues present for that period , then my teacher of Jewish origin pointed out Michelangelo’s statue of Moses had horns, considering it as an insult, our Czech medieval art has saints with horns, yet very little is known about the apparent fact, that our “pagan” ancestors imprinted into the emblem of horns an information for future generations of human  spiritual  destiny, based on scientific findings we are just about to announce to “ourselves” when military gives us permission.

I learned about the horns as the expression of spiritual attainment in Idiots in Paris, where Mrs Bennett described the undertaken trip to Lascaux caves in 1949 with Mr.G.

He explained that the composite animal at the entrance is like an emblem of the Sphinx and said that this was how it was in Atlantis.  The horns on the reindeer represent the degree of attainment. The strange trap drawings are letters like the Chinese with special meanings. He said there should be without fail seven dolmens within five km of the caves.

After hearing the caves are more than 15000 years old, going back before the time of the loss of Atlantis, he was shocked by that and said “How can that be? No more than 8000. These cannot be before the loss of Atlantis.” He got silent after that.


Just out of  curiosity I checked the dolmens in the region via internet and found Saint Chamassy dolmen…

When reading the Holy science of S.Y. , in a period of 24000 years, the Sun completes the revolution around its dual and finishes one electric cycle, consisting of 12000 years in an ascending arc and 12000 years in a descending arc.

Up till 11501 BC the intellect of man had the power of grasping spiritual knowledge, so I would assume that the affairs of men were protected by that.

From then on during the 4800  years the sun took to pass through the Descending Treta Yuga, where the intellect gradually lost all power of grasping the knowledge of divine magnetism, so after that, taking off 1949,  the timing of Atlantis disappearance could logically coincide with the above conversation…

I am not an astrologer nor an archaeologist, but I have verified so many things in G. teachings that I would encourage all scientists to take it into their considerations…


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