Facebook&Military Industrial Complex

OK so what under such circumstances humanity can do? Educate educate educate itself. If you accept that Co2 which participates in breathing cycles of the planet causes climate change, nothing can be done for you, suffer the consequences. If you believe the universal vaccine is going to eliminate your sicknesses, nothing can be done for you. If you believe the flat earthers really think the Earth is flat and do not ask why would somebody in 2018 dig out the medieval history really nothing is there for you to save you from the preplanned scenarios and global military industrial complex can continue treating you as their meatmarket.
If you really used your brains for searching, you would still be able to realize what has science uncovered and deduce that Darwin’s theory of evolution is up side down, that we do not originate in apes but apes originate from us and animals, that there is the CREATOR, real and perceivable and that somewhere in the military must be according to the laws or the Universe a conscious element , which is on your side and needs your intelligence to change the course of history from the path of reciprocal physical destruction to the enlightened society with eternal souls. The first runs on your unconsciousness, the second on your consciousness The choice is yours.

Essentially, the Atlantic Council is a think tank which can offer companies or nation states access to military officials, politicians, journalists, diplomats, etc. to help them develop a plan to implement their strategy or vision.

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