Climate Change map

Being a climate scientist means the sky is a primary subject of his/her investigation and it is literally impossible for them to miss what is happening up there. So naturally they all must know about the clandestine military psychotronic systems operating around our planet, geoengineering activities and weather control, but they are not allowed to talk publicly about it. The symbol of Climate change had to be invented to explain the previously unheard of weather atrocities happening all over the world.

And that’s where the circus starts to perform. One half of the scientists says there is Climate change(A) the other says there is no Climate change(B).
The yes climate change A is divided again into two groups A1 and A2:
The leading A1 group is bought by the government/military and strictly adheres to the climate change from the historical point of view, considering climates, sea levels, temperatures and the human influence since Adam. It comes to a conclusion there is Climate change caused by green house gases mainly CO2. Their numerous studies are financed by the governments and published in prestigious scientific magazines and newspapers.
The Climate change A2 is not corrupted, does not pretend the change is caused by Co2 which means they do not get any finances for scientific studies on geoengineering and artificial EM fields affecting the biosphere. Their voices are the ones we need to hear to know the truth so that we can massively demand the change of policy and stop financing the military weather operations, but they are not invited to the msm clubs.
The second group B of No Climate change scientists is also divided into two sub groups B1 and B2.

Both know the carbon dioxide is not the real cause of change, B1 is bought by the coal mine industry and also uses only the historical analyses of weather patterns, which get published in scientific magazines, no words about military involvements. B2 in my opinion are the scientists who refuse to play all that comedy, who know that the moment global military stops its operations, the planetary weather will get back to pre-weather control conditions so they chose not to call it climate change, but essentially B2 are the same as A2 groups, just the ego choses different name. We need them to unite and do everything to support them.
Ironically B1 group is a strong hidden force which could support A2B2 if people were not brainwashed by CO2 hysteria. I know that coal mine industry does create mess, but does not jeopardize globally the existence of species as the Military does. But they are probably solely interested only in money.
As is A1 with its “vanity” At least by visible results.

The impact of the military take over of the planet is beyond anything our civilization has ever experienced. 5% of the population knows that, they scream at us from the internet, but more and more of them have been silenced, turned against each other and divided, so they are not strong enough in force to move the mountain.
Politicians have their 4 year terms and have to subdue all to it. Endless meetings in beautiful surroundings just postpone this hot potato from one year to another and we are running out of time, immersed in our 5G, the surest keeper of the Gate we know nothing of.
With the above division of scientists I orientate myself in this contemporary jungle of real and fake news and look for the signs of who is on what side.
So when reading about red team blue team climate I roughly know it will be A1 vs A2 duel. The fact we have no time for such things anymore is one thing and the fact that 7 billion people brainwashed with CO2 is the mountain hard to move another. We need to move it and I do not see any sign of that happening. So red team blue team duel in the epi centre seems quite sensible start to me.

Overall only very few can understand the complexity of the whole “terror of the situation”.
By the way that terror started before the beginning of the twentieth century by the experiments and advances of science in understanding the electricities and magnetism and not understanding their origins and functions in the seemingly invisible spiritual world.

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