Europe the Ill Fated Continent

The signs are again directing towards the repetition of the past due to the crowds apathy.  We had similar overtures 11 years ago, leading to bird flu pandemic. Just the international effort of Jane Burgermeister who sent the Eu research to FBI, and re-sending the news among ourselves via direct marketing channels and talking to those 90% around us helped to conquer the insane plan. At the end a half a million of NY’s medical staff  protested in the streets, which ended the whole psychopathic plan, Europe gave it up after that. So I would say it is time to raise up again and not just against the governments’ invasions of human bodies but of our whole planet as well. If you do not mobilize yourselves against the artificial Weather control and refuse to listen to the lying scientists our lives will not be rosy nor cosy.  But you would have to find first they are lying.  And the cabal learned from its  mistakes and has psychotronic technologies for  manipulating crowds whatever way it needs to, so by infiltrating you with financial incentives, disinformation and lies it succeeded in dividing you into many fragments, easy to manage and hard to unite unless you are able to see the bigger picture…


via Europe under the vaccination gun: an expanding tragedy

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