When the global cabal (whatever it means), which set up  sexual trafficking business around the planet, wants to persecute for sexual offences one of the Representatives of THE CREATOR on Earth who happened to be in charge of Vatican’s finances, the  first thing which comes to my mind is what did He uncover there as such procedures are reserved for political dissent.

Sexually motivated processes and punishments are their  unmistakable landmark, they officially hide from the whole world  the directed energy weapons, which they use extensively for human experiments not just on dissent but on millions of ordinary citizens, yet  they set up the live broadcast of it! The question: as you politicians, police, military, juridical system of prosecutors and msm all know about it yet  do nothing to actually change the unheard of breach of human rights, are you in a position to prosecute somebody on exactly the same premises of complying with the rules of the day “from above”?

“The one – UN-missing of you BEFORE-most THE STONE ON LET BE CASTING

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