Seeds of Him

Nasa already thinks that all which is written in the Bible is true,  sort of proving  one cannot abuse the universal laws indefinitely, not even the science.

There is a passage from Genesis read over the Easter in the churches about the seeds.       I did not study the sacred scripture as scholars do, but I  learned the esoteric Christianity and with that background my instinct picks up certain vibes which indicate when the texts are probably  mistranslated. So I use the Greek version from  
Scriveners Textus Receptus 1894 Prepared and edited by Dr. Maurice A. Robinson.

OT section

This translation claims to respects the original sources even if they do not make sense.

-and·he-is-saying  Elohim  she-shall-cause-to-vegetate  seed tree-of fruit making fruit to species of him which seed of him on the land and he is becoming so and she is bringing forth the land   herbage sowing herbage sowing seed to species of him and tree making fruit which seed of him to species of him and he is seeing Elohim that good.

and·he-is-saying  Elohim  behold  I-give  to·you every-of  herbage  seeding  seed which  on  the faces-of  all-of  the·earth  and every-of  the·tree  which in·him fruit-of tree  seeding  seed for·you he-is-becoming for·food.

and·for·every-of  animal-of  the·land  and·for·every-of flyer of  the·heavens  and·for·every-of moving  on the·land which in·him soul  living  every-of  green  herbage for·food  and·he-is-becoming so

The sacred texts are written  in parables not to be easily distorted by translations and refer to different states of understanding in men according to their level of consciousness.

Here the most basic meaning tells me that genetic modifications carried out by our science do not belong to our kitchen, they do not have original seeds from the Creator and so do not serve as food for any living soul, be it in flesh or herbage. Here a very important distinction should be made between ‘waters’, the seeding from him means not only the physical  seeding as such but the eternal soul connection between him and us. The gmo seeds do not have this connection and so cannot nourish the higher substances in us, only the physical bodies and  many  analyses suggest even those not indefinitely.

…..just planting the seed of him I found by accident…




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