The arbitrary detention of Mr. Assange

H.E. Nick Archer MVO                                                                                                          British Ambassador to the Czech Republic                                                                              British Embassy Thunovska 14 118 00 Prague 1

Your Excellency,

I would like to address the arbitrary detention of Mr Julian Assange, which represents a great concern to all thinking people of this planet as it constitutes a precedent for future violations of free speech and human rights on the only international platform an individual has on this planet in seeking protection against aggression and injustice of the global superpowers which are substantial as we all know from my case.

No logic can justify such move for a minor offense of notwithstanding an appeal under clearly political circumstances where “standard procedures” of sexual offences were used as counter measures. When I take into the consideration the seriousness of human torture and experimentation with directed energy weapons, being used not just for physical, emotional and psychological manipulation of the populations but for controlling the atmospheric processes of our planet including the weather to such an extend that it creates dramatic changes of the climate and the carbon dioxide is used as the cover up, I wonder where is the line for the governments beyond which  lying to seven billion people of this planet is criminal? If there were no wistleblowers, this planet would covertly follow a megalomaniac direction to the edge of doom as predicted in literature. So instead of cursing them we should rather protect them and correct our endeavours, as at the end the whole humanity will benefit.

This policy is internationally unacceptable and only escalates the already critical situation on our planet.

When I look out of my windows and see freely walking, silently killing gangstalkers and compare them with people like Mr Assange or Mr. Snowden, I really wonder.  Please could your government reconsider its position on Mr.Assange’s case in the name of democracy?

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova

(a copy sent to the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs)

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