Kitchen story


I want to stress that no matter what and how I say it is not going to change the mind of the global military if they have no plan to  stop this demented show.

While I was cut of the internet I watched the main stream media and realized, how diametrically opposed the news are to the alternative press.

Full on game by reporters and politicians themselves. I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes now.

The military army can walk through the walls, you know from my story that they use something called synthetic telepathy. They  read all minds of all people on this planet, feeding their quantum computers with mega data’s, which form the bases for the Artificial intelligence – the future master to be of humanity. From what I read I assume that this technology is available to the West as well as to Russia,    and the East has a long history of natural telepathy which is far superior to the synthetic one as it is accompanied by spiritual advancements.

So if the defense departments use either of those, they all mutually know what is going on behind the most hidden doors of this planet. That’s why I am the last person willing to watch this outrageous vaudeville.

The Universe is obviously spiritual, science knows it already yet for some political, religious and  strategic reason  the scientists cannot or are not allowed to add two and two together to officially adjust  Darwin’s evolutionary concept. So we are all waiting  for  the Event. In the mean time my kitchen stories help to fill the days.

In the eighties of last century I broke the laws of two countries while trying to get to Australia for utterly private reasons. It was a cold war era, the intelligence on both sides were paranoid the same way they are today and I ended up having an intimate contact with a Czech intelligence officer, we became friends and he helped me to get out.  I had lived in Australia for over 20 years. The tape of our  intimate contact   was released in 2010 on the internet I believe and it created the basis for setting me up as a spy, terrorist suspect and the enemy of the United States.  I self-deported myself to Prague in November the same year. I do not know the background  as no  authority either Australian , American or Czech  has  approached me despite putting me on  24/7 public surveillance which includes broadcasting of thoughts across the planet. Also the tape of my whole life was released  as the United States constantly  x-ray the whole planet since the fifties last century and every human being has its own electronic bar code through which his  life can be retrieved.

I cannot dwell on details if I do not want to get ferocious about the  human rights issues.

Such treatment with some spectacular theaters  followed after  my internet investigations about the planetary issues of fake climate change, weather control, directed energy weapons and  biowarfare activities including  vaccination.            As I learned, the character assassination  is a ‘ standard procedure’ of punishment and I was an easy target with my bohemian youth. The rest you know by watching me live.

Since 2010 I have been  targeted by directed energy weapons in different ways in different times but almost always pumped out of life force energy and regularly sensitized to the point of rage.

I am a subject to the US and global military psyop operations, which clearly demonstrate to you all, what it means to live in 21st century with Intel  scientists and public having full access to your body so that all your functions can be altered  in a desired way, be it torturous, cruel, sadistic,  psychological, psychic, emotional, even educational. Additionally my electronic bar code was given  to the global mafia by the Us Intel which  can anyone connect via satellite systems and experience personal raping through the emotional response shown on the internet.   I get electronically raped by the gangstalkers as well as by public  multiple times a day.

There is no  institution on this planet, which could stop this process, actually if humanity functioned properly, we would not even need any because we would use our conscience but that is not the case so the situation is quite insane. Anyone can rape us freely  without worrying about being punished as  there is no law on this planet  except Russian, which would prevent at least some individuals from doing so and the Us and Nato either delegated or gave their blessings to such activities. They are not responsible for public actions but the electronic means in people’ s bodies belong to the military that has full control over their   activation/deactivation, so the collaboration of public with the military works efficiently, exactly according the fake Zion plan.

What I am trying to express  is that while the masses are mesmerized by sex   money, fame and by a confused tale of external increase of  planetary consciousness,  the manager of the planet  has succeeded in  using science for  enslaving the human body  We need to mobilize ourselves and  stop it but you are not even clear on what consciousness is  and when  you have it or rather have not. So how can we expect to win this battle and the battle it is….the battle of spirit over the matter and we cannot loose.

The artificial intelligence recognizes when we are conscious and when not,  if I get to that state in rare moments of the day, the computer targets my life force point, so I know ‘it’ knows. It knows that we are trapped in biological computer-like bodies with different programs and that we let them mechanically  run the shows for us most of the time, so we are totally predictable and all the Ai needs to do is to adjust the  programs to make sure the play  always proceeds according to the script without us interfering with the process. The surest adjustment is sex as you see all over the place. How ironic, I am the one to tell you that.

And the soul is the one who gets the bill.

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