To the global alphabets in power

Dear Sirs,

This situation is obviously unacceptable and unworthy of our human existence so please could we deal with it intelligently? I can say with clear conscience that the programs you put me on are completely sexually deviated, sadistic and beyond comprehension to any sane mind. Whoever is in charge of them should be put on the same programs  himself to experience sheer horror of it.

To deal with such level of science means the scientist must have very high security clearance and know at least partial mysteries of the Matrix, so inevitably he will be a so called 33 Freemason or of other esoteric origin. But the problem with such connection is that real Freemasons would never engage in sexual rituals and torture, on the contrary, sexual energy is sacred to them and they withhold it for the soul purposes as I more or less did before your institution assigned me to the bay of pigs.

They know that it is our connection to the most powerful force in the universe, which is both creative and destructive. But your departments  certainly chose its destructive  aspects and because we let your earthly powers  to become unlimited, humanity finds itself in a position of being totally terrorised by the most beastly creatures on the planet. I see it everyday in front of my eyes.

Because of your whistle-blowers it is at least partially  known who in your hierarchy is committing   hideous crimes against humanity. Certain sections of your departments are clearly misusing their mental capacities on clandestine research, which would be eligible last century for Nuremberg processes. Please understand that the spiritual laws are far more  unforgiving than their human counterparts.

I have to stress that you, by your utterly  illegal experimentations and tortures of millions of people on this planet, are attracting the universal evil forces, which will materialize sooner or later in some major planetary disaster unless you stop these programs immediately.

You have been asked to do so by so many national as well as international institutions and by so many victims of your crimes that one wonders if you are all real human beings or just products of your artificial intelligence, totally lacking the feeling and being functions.

One of the basic Universal laws is “ As above so below” which applies to all levels, be it  astral or  physical, galactic or planetary. If I  look at the state of our planet, its almost collapsed atmosphere and  biosphere, and the torturous sexually deviated programs  imposed involuntarily on millions of people who are trying to point this out, which you financially  valorise by selling their agony feelings to the global mob who’s weaknesses you will exploit for future blackmail in front of the whole world, what degree of bankrupsy is that? I cannot but come to a conclusion that this planet is in the wrong hands and its management will be removed one way or another by universal forces. The question is, how many lives will have to be lost for such evilly orientated endeavours?

This planet is a titanic where everybody in ignorance  enjoys your  global, seemingly virtual reality show and you know that. You know our bodies are machines and behave in certain habitual ways and instead of trying to wake us up to such reality you calculate with it according to you power orientated deeds.  But you are forgetting you are the same machines on the same boat. If not, I cannot see it.

The external is a reflection of the internal.                                                                        People on the street even in governments have no idea what is going on although they think they have. I cannot  blame them.                                                                        But I blame you. Just as Mr  Smith did..


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