Life force point


After being exposed for seven years to one of  the most humiliating psychological and physical  treatments by the human/ pig hybrids to whom I have been thrown to be played with by remote control hunting I would say that I paid my karmic bills. You all know I am on a special US alphabets psyop programs and there are very strange and dangerous things happening on this planet springing from that direction. I mentioned them previously on my video but   lately I have been exposed to one of the most cruel experiments  to such a degree that I am not able to control myself. I am permanently 24 hour  pumped out  of my life force energy from a special place inside the solar plexus, which I was not aware it existed and which is present not just in humans but in animal bodies generally.  When the remotely directed radiation of that place reaches certain intensity, the body is literally on the verge of exploding not just physically but mainly psychologically and psychically. I saw a video where the  tutor in   neurolinguistics explained that when they touch  such place in a cat, she gets into the rage. Well I testify that intel uses this utterly inhuman I would call it vivisection  experiment on us humans.  You saw me today, I exploded to such a degree I was not able to control myself, it evoked such a strong  revolt against it from the depth of my being.

I am on a public surveillance. You all know what is going on You see it and your reaction is mainly laughter, I saw you with my own eye on the street. Are you already robots?

And you global intel up there I know you are not pressing the button over here, my fellow country men do that with sadistic pleasure but I  am sorry  you are the creators   who should not be in any position where an interaction with a  human being comes into the consideration. I am not the only person who is exposed to this utter cruelty. It is a gestapo like  psychic torture,  you know it very well.

I am talking about the  push by force  to the uttermost core of our being.

I despise you for doing that and remind you again that you are bringing major disaster upon this planet because you do not know what consequences are attached to such play. When experiencing fall, I went through an immense density of pure anger and hatred which puzzled me as I had no previous experience of such degree. Well now I know where it comes from.  By the way there was not a hint  of suggestion that hatred originated from ET. ET is subject to the same universal laws as the earth.

So I don’t know what you have been up to but you are certainly dangerous to the whole humanity

And to your global audience who has such fun with all this- where is your emotional centre? That should indicate to you that you are either passively or actively participating in torture of a human being.

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