What is human destiny?

“Let us assume that we do recognize that human experience is different from any other form of experience on this earth. If all experience is associated with some kind of sensitive energy, then all ours is producing energy according to the kind of experience we have – which in turn depends upon the way in which our lives are lived – we shall produce energies of different qualities. Gurdjieff asserts that certain of these are the very something that is required for the orderly evolution of this solar system. A great process of sensitization, or as he calls it, of spiritualisation is proceeding on this earth and throughout the solar system, and we have to make our contribution to it. And we must do so by the way in which we live our lives….G assumes us that the Higher Powers are deeply concerned that man should live otherwise, but that they are dependent upon human understanding for this change to come about. If it is true that we people do not exist on the earth to please ourselves or just by accident, but because we are needed for a purpose that is greater than ourselves, it must follow that, if we totally fail to fulfill this purpose, we shall be removed and replaced by some other form of life. ….There is something seriously missing in our understanding of human destiny…We are not seeing that our lives are required for something. If we provide that something our lives will have fulfilled their purpose and we will be set free from our debt. Our own individual fulfillment will then be made possible. This cannot be in isolation, separately from the rest of mankind.”

Excerpt from John G. Bennett Gurdjieff Today

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