The Earth Comedy

To read any media, either the mainstream, alternative, conspiracy or tinfoil hats is an excellent exercise to realize the extend of disorientation, confusion and frustration the readers must necessarily endure from the state of current affairs.

I am at the end of the line in the bay of pigs, here it is strait forward, sex, money and plastic, the basin of the Babel tower. But as one goes higher, the differences sharpen and confusion of tongues messes any reasonable expectation of at least elemental understanding.

I know too little to be able to understand the whole picture, I am intentionally kept in darkness but few things are quite clear to me and I want to share them for possible consideration.

One of them is the polarization of opinions, springing from not having the common language. If there were one, we would be surprised, how close the right and left are on most subjects.

The other one is a very serious level of ignorance regarding the science on a higher dimensional level, which is contributing to the turmoil connected with the set course of the future of humanity. I have to mention ‘secret societies’. They seem to be cursed by almost anybody yet very few people understand, that many of them hold the keys, which can safely unlock the hidden chambers of humanity’s future. Why have the alphabets and military been so interested in them? For the social status? Yes maybe the basement , but the top of the military and intel hierarchy realized already at least early last century that there was concealed knowledge, which far surpassed their technical advances and of course wanted to get hold of it by any means but by one’s own  spiritual development. Heavily spying on them they infiltrated them and stole all they could, while at the same time destroyed or jeopardized  their existence as much as possible. Anyone interested in this subject will find some horrendous crimes and massacres committed against innocent faithful people, covered by propaganda of being brainwashed to commit suicides; such misinformation rooted so profoundly in the minds of the public that it is parroted to this day even by highly educated people in the conspiracy domain. I have studied and practiced the esoteric knowledge  from different sources, have my own direct experiences which are impossible to dismiss, I have been  electronically targeted by the Us and Nato military&alphabets and subjected to their  psyop operations so I know they conduct their own advanced  clandestine experiments on humans for their military deeds in this field, to which the official science, media and  politicians turn the blind eye.

The military science, far ahead of the civil one, has acquired knowledge of crossing the threshold of life and death mysteries, without studying the laws of the Universe. They must be alarmed by the existence of the unknown zone, where the old patterns of power lose their significance. You cannot work with sublime energies of the Universe without respecting its laws, it would be like pouring water into the acid. They must have experienced that and I truly believe that it is the real reason behind the global drama theatre we all are at. The official science is unofficially catching up and the  extension of scientific discoveries is rocketing beyond our ability to oversee their long term consequences.  So the ancient knowledge of our ancestors is the most obvious hand to turn to in this situation. It cannot be abused any further, if humanity wants to progress instead of devolve back. The extra-terrestrial life falls under the same Universal laws so star wars seem to be a product of our sick minds more than possible reality as the Universe was not created for  power driven endeavours.

Almost a century ago the learned societies noticed by direct spiritual contacts that western superpowers experimented with the extraction of electricity from our atmosphere and got alarmed about it because their knowledge of different types of electricities and their cosmic roles  was far ahead of the contemporary science and they knew how destructive consequences  it could have not just for our planet and our bodies but for the equilibrium of our whole Solar system.

They knew about  the real, although hidden purpose of existence of life on Earth, which would be eventually revealed to men by advances in science, hand in hand with their moral and conscious development.                                                                                                                                 They could naturally  read the thoughts of other human beings and recognize lies. They knew about  the properties of sound and human voice and their reverberations in the universal three forces of creation, destruction and preservation. Each time we pronounce a word, it evokes one of these forces. That is the reason why all scriptures insist on speaking the truth. The truth on this planet has been suppressed to an unheard of extent, what can be expected from such leadership on a global scale?                                                                                                      They knew how to be present at two places at the same time (a corresponding feature expressed in the world of Quantum physics).  They knew we have to participate in specific processes of transformation of cosmic energies, which are governed by Nature.    They knew there is no death  as such, that we are immortal in essence and knew the processes we have to undertake to free ourselves from the Matrix..                                                                                                                                                                                                      They knew that all life forms on the planet emanate certain needed frequencies  and if a particular species gets extinct, something else has to undertake its role.

They knew that human beings as the only species were designed with a unique ability to create a special type of energy of the higher order, unobtainable by pure disintegration of a body but by a conscious effort, intentionally and even unintentionally.                      They knew the population numbers of our planet  are regulated by Nature independently of our opinion according to the exact cosmic need for such energy at a particular time. If we do not produce it intentionally by our conscious efforts, our numbers increase to get it from us unintentionally. If we take the conscious course, the population’s birthrate will adjust by falling and duration of life will prolong.                                                                                                              The records of such knowledge are accessible not just to the alphabets but to all seekers.

So any ‘enlightened’ ideas of depopulation, climate change and possible star wars which brought this planet to the edge of doom need sensible reconsidering. The Romanian conductor Sergiou Celibidache once said  ‘Everything is a vibration and if everything is a vibration, you need a central reference system’. All solar systems of the Universe orbit in  the same direction, in exact speed,  so where is the central reference system in our atheistic perception of the world? Gps and Ai?

What we are doing to our planet and its atmosphere is absolutely shocking, considering the fact that it is a living being participating in the transformation of energies of psychic nature, which we know very little of. The mystery of creation has been reduced to mud without lotuses and sacred emotional impulses are eliminated from the brains by compulsory vaccinations. Yes purely sensual experiences will take us on ride across the virtual universe…at the expense of  conscious work for our souls

Who is going to break the spell of forced silence and start to explain things to general population? If the schools teach children that gene writing is for fun and Darwinism the only accepted theory of evolution, we will end up with hybrids of species, not being able to transform and create those needed energies which the originals were designed for. The same applies for the kingdom of vegetation as  it serves as a food chain for many species.

If scientists understood that ancient scriptures contain the universal  knowledge of unspeakable love, radiating from the galactic SUN, being our original home, which our ancestors passed on to us  protected in symbols from misuse, we certainly would not be on the Ai journey to an obvious drama.

Many civilizations vanished for not being able to fulfill the cosmic requirements, let alone to access the internal galactic Universe…so we certainly will be stopped before causing irreparable damage, no matter how strong the binary  forces are. The Earth is not powerless. It is as patient with us as possible but will hit us if needed.



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