Because the cruelty and torture which global military  organizes in each state of our planet is described so well so many times in targeted community websites, I tend not to concentrate on myself as my case is on line live,  but what is lately happening overpasses all boundaries we humans set up for ourselves. It is a well known fact that targeting by electronic equipment be it nlw or smart phone concentrates often on reproductive organs because of atavistic drives.                   But there are in our bodies special nerves, situated deeply in the Solar Plexus, connected with pleasue/terror sensing depending on the level of stimulation. If evoked against your will, forcefully by remote control, you have no means to protect yourselves, you can beat your stomach or the organs themselves and nothing stops that. It is connected directly with psychological reactions, which are literally on the verge of madness and readiness to commit an angry and easily violent reactions in normal individuals. I have even been trained for many years to withhold negative reactions, so I know my body has a properly functioning button which knows the point when to stop any anger. Well with this experience I can hardly say that. I could easily commit  suicide. As my case is televised, the perps around me create a sound and visual  theatre, which pumps up my anger to the point of exploding, that is exactly their aim so the audience gets exited and financial revenue goes up.

But what worries me is the fact that I am connected to the quantum mega computers and all my reactions are fed into them. The datas say exactly what frequencies touching what nerves cause such and such reactions, where you want to almost throw up, where you think you will loose your sanity. Once it is in the computer, any time such reactions can be evoked or transferred to another human being on this planet.

When I experienced that for the first time, I knew it was sucking a life energy from me and thought it must have been done by a totally sadistic sexually perverse individual with clear absence of  feeling, even by non earthly entity, but lately I found to my astonishment a video with neuro-linguistic programming where they explained it on a cat, getting her to a complete rage by electronic targeting. So purely human. And now live on humans.                                             Aren’t we sophisticated swines.

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