GM mosquitoes

Americans, one would suggest to read carefully these two articles and connect them together. There is a possibility that GM mosquitoes to be released into your environment in 20 States could  carry a bioweapon vaccine.

Also must be taken into the consideration that mosquitoes live on all continents in all geographical zones and will be transferred there. They are part of Nature’s  food chain for aquatic life, fish birds insects pollinators. What consequences can GM mosquitoes cause to them? If I understand from the article, mosquitoes  do not bite in a laboratory environment, so does it mean there couldn’t have been done any real tests? I cannot talk on behalf of all other continents, but I certainly disagree with spreading who knows what from military orientated laboratories, which are famous for releasing such gifts like Lyme disease/Zika to the world. I wonder about scientific programs, all seem to be after biowarfare, do we really need to complicate our life on this planet with such dangerous non-sense only because we have just learned the alphabet?
There are two parallel Universes interconnected with each other, one external in which we live and the internal that governs the external. All species on the planet have their internal expression, reflected in the physical manifestation. If we physically extinct one, something/somebody  else has to undertake its internal expression. The atheistic science is so painfully ignorant and egoistic in this matter….please write to those who have the power to stop such matter. If we don’t care, it will get worse and worse and so will we with it.

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