5 Electricities?

Our science seems to be rather in the middle ages to me. In The Holy Science Swami Sri Yukteswar writes there are 5 types of electricities which our science does not know about yet. Minding myself it was written in 1894.
I found two types- “static electricity and current electricity. The static electricity is generated by rubbing two or more objects causing to build up friction.”
If we substitute the objects with people and watch how friction rises between us, it is more than obvious that there is an immense amount of energy created. So it must be a sort of electricity, am I right? It dissolves by itself eventually, we “calm down”, but if one does not get negatively identified with the event, he/she has this energy at his/her disposal. What for?
Do orthodox scientists think this way? Because I must take into the consideration the possibility that their colleagues in the Intel’s highly covert research centres are far ahead of them. And that ‘s a worry to all of us.
What if they discovered, that this energy comes from an unknown type of electricity and is used for specific purposes humanity forgot about long ago? Could that explain the eminent interest they have taken in all so called secret societies and their members? Stealing all knowledge available and then infiltrating them with their agents often for not so friendly aims?
I have some answers but not all so in order not to create more confusion in this already confused subject I follow The New Testament’s advice about the weeds and wheat.
When the world is in confusion like now, we  tend to identify with negativity towards everything we do not understand. Yet very often it is exactly that, which can help us to get out of it.
The old symbols everybody seems to despise so much actually hold the key to our destinies as a human race. To know them all is one thing and to understand them another, understanding comes only through practicing them, which automatically  prevents one from misusing them and I believe that here lies the whole problem of confusion. The global Alphabets got to them by copying the brains of the seekers and with their highly advanced technologies and highly underdeveloped being are able to use them in all sorts of black operations, experimenting with unsuspected population. I know that from my own experience. On the other hand I also have to take into the consideration that there must be the real seekers among them with conscience, who are in contact with conscious circle of humanity. It cannot be otherwise in our dualistic world.
So if I read about Illuminati, Freemasons & the rest, I remember the word Illuminate or the architecture of Gothic Cathedrals.
The infiltration has nothing to do with the core message.
We do not originate from apes, we were designed for specific purposes of the Universe and as the only species on Earth we also were given the privilege of being able to create, not just pro-create. To create can be understood on many levels and expressions, but by the supreme act of creation is considered the ability of each of us to create in us our higher being bodies, which are immortal and allow us to enter into other dimensions. The word androgynous refers to the fact that this type of the body we  create  solely on our own, by our own internal spiritual  processes and efforts. The whole Ecosystem of The Earth and its species is delicately tuned for  allowing this mystery of creation to happen yet we have developed  bio technological means to disrupt this process in the name of an immortal physical body.  Yes, a soul catcher technologies.
If we do not stop now, we will be stopped as were the previous civilizations.

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