To major spiritual centres across the planet  regarding certain taboos, which should be addressed to all the people but are not so.

This planet and its habitats are facing several threads to their existence. Some visible, some invisible, but they are all closely connected. You certainly know about the so-called Climate Change, which is caused as a side effect of our new advances in the Military technologies and their application in the atmosphere. But I would like to bring to your attention one, which is probably the most difficult to address as it affects the emotional believes/disbelieves about our origins, yet I cannot see any other way to get out of  the current situation on our planet without some major disaster unless all available information is considered.

Are you aware of the fact, that military scientific centres succeeded long ago in separating the light body from its physical structure and that they practice it on unsuspecting individuals?

I know it because I am one of those, who went through such experience.

It is the unquestionable prove of the dominance of the spirit over the matter, yet we do not hear directly anything from the scientists, let alone the military. That is totally irresponsible and unacceptable.

Considering the speed with which the biogenetic scientists are uncovering the mysteries of creation, I am literally horrified of those with an atheistic approach,  totally disregarding the possibility of having the purpose of our existence and by doing so, closing our doors to higher realms, which do exist and could and will be scientifically proven in time (being we do not ruin such future).

You know all true religions have the same roots and the human’s real purpose of being, apart from serving Nature, is to develop his/her soul if he wants, in other words, to develop his higher spiritual bodies within the current physical one. And if not succeeding in this life, one has to return back.

Why are people not told about that in the West?  The early Christian church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation, yet  declared it a heresy in A.D. 553 by the Second Council of Constantinople. There is exact knowledge in your libraries and  it should be available to humanity if we are to evolve to our true destiny. We need that spiritual knowledge to protect ourselves against our selves.

The time has come for the Church to reconsider its position on the issue as the science is  heading us to the abyss, not just by creating an utter mess among genetic codes of species as if they were just Lego cubes to play with, but also by its ignorance of deeper atmospheric functions of particles in our atmosphere , which play the significant role in assisting us in our spiritual endeavour.

The military geoengineering processes involve bio-warfare, named by conscientious scientists “the worst crime against humanity”, as they aim to create transhumanistic, totally controlled beings, perhaps with enhanced features, but  within  the  binary system , so  lacking the third, spiritual force as a representative of our humanness.

I have been on 24/7 remote mind control surveillance for 7 years and so know very well, how destructive it is to the communion with the Higher.

The electromagnetic properties of Nature have been exploited violently and used not just against the Earth itself, but also against people, who object to such activities. The so called psychotronic or exotic weapons torture us remotely, covertly due to their invisible nature. The internet is full of testimonies of such atrocities, of course the individuals feel hatred towards the defence departments across the world and the energy must negatively affect our planet on a deeper level.

The Governments comply with the Military, the main stream media cannot report the truth directly, so the general public is mislead heavily, not to mention the intentional disinformation in so called conspiracy fields, which are actually mostly correct and which mention Vatican as the Deep State (?).

But the most disturbing are the black PSYOP operations, deploying literally black magic dangerous to the souls of the victims as well as theirs and in the long run it can bring only some disaster upon us. How would you feel being taken out of your body by some specific remote stimulation of your Solar Plexus Area and the brain, with totally unpredictable results as we are standing at the threshold of another dimension.

So far people with such  experiences end up very often in the asylums. Neither the science nor military can be stopped because of total secrecy, so who can actually do something about it on this planet?

I cannot judge how well you are informed, but once you know, you cannot be oblivious to it. So far your Church failed completely  in giving us any guidance even for such circumstances where our minds are invaded by monstrous electromagnetic technologies and there is literally no place to hide from them and it is only the beginning.  Even if I overlook the millions of affected around the globe, there is the future of all humanity at stake and you, with all other Churches on our planet have the responsibility to do everything in your power to  help to reverse this process, regardless of different politics, powers or fear.  80% of human race is not atheistic. The Universal law as well as the Absolute or God are on our side, so if you approach your audience with heart and sincerity, it must move the mountain and repel Evil, even within the Church itself . That’s also the law.

I have  total trust.









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