Do we consider such things in our research centres?

From BT:

“Of course, the beings of this continent do sometimes consume fresh fruits. But these fruits of theirs can hardly be called fruits, they are simply, as our dear teacher would say, ‘freaks.’
“Thanks to their wiseacring with the fruit trees that exist in abundance on this continent, various ‘scientists of new formation’ have succeeded little by little in making these American fruits at the present time just a ‘feast for the eye,’ and no longer a form of being-nourishment.
“The fruits there have been cultivated in such a way that
by the time they are ripe they contain scarcely anything destined by Great Nature for consumption by beings for their normal being-existence.
“These scientists of new formation are, of course, very far from suspecting that, when any surplanetary formation is artificially grafted or manipulated in any such fashion, it is reduced to a state defined by Objective Science as ‘absoizomosa,’ in which it absorbs from its surrounding medium cosmic substances useful only for the coating of what is called its ‘automatically reproducing subjective presence.’
“Indeed, from the very beginning of this most recent contemporary civilization of theirs, it somehow happened that the beings of all the innumerable separate groups there adopted only one of the seven aspects of the fundamental commandment given to three-brained beings from Above, namely, ‘to strive to acquire inner and outer purity’, and this single aspect, which in a distorted form they made their ideal, is conveyed in the following words:
” ‘Help everything around you, both the animate and inanimate, to acquire a beautiful appearance. ‘
“Especially in the last two centuries there, they have striven to achieve this ‘beautiful appearance’—but of course, only for those various external objects which in the given period chanced to become, as they expressed it, ‘fashionable.

“During this period, it has been of no concern to them whether any external object had any substance whatsoever in itself—what was important was that it should have what they call a ‘striking appearance. ‘
“I must say, my boy, as regards the achievements of the contemporary beings of this continent in enhancing the ‘external beauty’ of these fruits of theirs, that nowhere on the other continents of the same planet or even on the other planets of that solar system have I seen fruits so beautiful in appearance as that of the present time on this continent of America, on the other hand, as regards the inner substance of this fruit, one can only have recourse to that favorite expression of our dear teacher:
” ‘The greatest of all blessings for man is the action of castor oil. ‘

Beelzebub’s Tales Book 3 G.I Gurdjieff

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