Happy Easter

I have no idea where you all are going, probably to the Moon.

I am tired, bored with all this utter stupidity around the world, where no one is allowed to say that black is black and white is white, but is allowed to state that black is white and vice versa.

If you want to play this game, fine, but why then  you get on high  by titillating the “animal”?  Are you  so cowardly to stand up for your own truth, which is right above your head and in front of your eyes? The psychotronic weapons are already  in your neighborhood, the whole military systems are set up to read your minds and alternate your emotions, you are doing it to me publicly so how can you imagine it is just my problem? If the Alphabets allow you to do it, cannot you comprehend that you are the targets as well?

Like millions of others, I am trying to explain  that humanity is in danger. That you are not told the most advanced  discoveries in neuroscience, which would certainly re-evaluate  many scientific, religious and political approaches to our future.

The Defense Departments are due to tell you that their research centres are able and do separate the physical part of human body from our consciousness. The obvious implications concern the atheistic approach to science and religious approach to such discoveries. As these phenomenons have been achieved not by its own, proper internal development but through deaths and  immense sufferings of countless human beings around the world, one cannot leave out the question of  our level of being. If it’s so far below the animal’s, do we have rights to proceed with changing the very DNA structure of human kind and close thus ourselves the possibility of future exit from these horrors of amusing ourselves by mutual killing and torturing?


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