Morality vs Conscience

Drops of wisdom from our ancestors:

Morality differs according to time, geography and opinion.

Conscience is something we get born with, all of us regardless of race, time, geography  and beyond opinion.  It is uncorrupted as it has been buried deeply in us. It can be reached ONLY by inner work on one’s negative emotions.

According to morality Mr Snowden and Mr.Assange can be considered either   traitors or   heroes.

According to conscience they are among so many  human beings, who see that world leaders are heading us on the road to the  utter slavery and try to stop the process  by the means available to them while there is still time.

According to morality the fact that the path to the utter slavery is literally covered by broken eggs can be seen as heroic necessity to make future omelets or   NAZI human experimentation resulting in unheard of suffering.

According to conscience our humanness is literally dying in this process as we are cutting ourselves off the source of life in order to become highly sophisticated immortal decimals for the price of our inevitable destruction as we won’t be able to fulfill either of our universal roles, which cannot be altered the way we want.








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