Impact of science on our society – Psychotronics

I found the XXIV issue of “Impact” (UNESCO) from 1974, which  has a great collection of articles written by scientists working in the field of psychotronics and para-science in times of strictly materialistic environment.                                                                     They became aware of the extreme delicacy of the natural electromagnetic field of our planet and everything living on it, be it organic or inorganic, predicted the inevitable realization that life is not permanently fixed to its physical carrier, that human consciousness has degrees and that we have amazing possibilities of new methods of psychic healing as well as communicating by telepathy with the Universe even beyond time and space. If we don’t misuse the knowledge.

Surely 43 years later , 2017, the field of psychotronics evokes anything but altruistic, noble endeavour of its pioneering scientists,  it has become a synonym for human manslaughter and torture. Military psychotronic lethal/non-lethal systems, totally illegal  electromagnetic targeting of unsuspecting civilians, hitting the ionosphere by   HAARP  technologies,  interfering  with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth, artificially evoked earthquakes,  geoengineering, mind control, human experimentation, black magic just to name few…  and all together  veiled almost entirely in secrecy  before the public eyes.

As if these words of the scientist Rejdak 42 years ago have materialized:

“Psychotronics may lead us to the very
brink of a new revolution in science. It is
here that w e must give substance to that
second pole of which I spoke: a scientific human
conception to counterbalance the
scientific-technical revolution w e are experiencing.
Otherwise, w e shall flood the world during the next century with both
mechanical and human robots, thereby stepping
up estrangement and social disintegration.
It is in our power to avoid this.
• Dr Zdenek Rejdák
The author.”

IS IT????

Click to access 010749eo.pdf

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