The Vibrations

As the global military holds the reigns over humanity firmly in their hands and people themselves have no common language to understand each other, it is quite frustrating to try to unite an opinion on anything, even on truth, which itself should be more or less opinion less. One of the most confusing subjects is esoteric domain, the more so that not many people who write  or have opinions about it actually practically  studied that “science” (as it is the highest science on earth)  so what I sometimes come across is quite ridiculous. A  particular subject can show, how it relates to the present state of science, which is officially in its complexity kept secret from the public eyes.

This knowledge has been known to the intelligence agencies since the beginning of the last century through several of  their agents who studied the esoteric school with  genuine interests and eventually devoted their lives to it.  What some of their colleagues eventually did with it is another story.

The law of vibrations, around 1900:

‘Every form of life has its own “total” of vibrations proper to it, which represents the totality of all of the vibrations engendered from the various definite organs of the given form of life, and this total varies at different times in each form of life and depends on how intensely these variously caused vibrations are transformed by the corresponding sources or organs.

Now all these heterogenous and variously caused vibrations always blend within the limits of the whole life in the general subjective what is called “chord of vibrations” of the given life.’

Special apparatuses resembling bracelets were attached to the arms of two human beings, and collar-like apparatuses on the necks of one dog, one sheep and one goat. They all had attached vibrometers showing the figures.

The men had each different vibrations, the age and strength played its role.

‘The sum total of the vibrations of the dog is three times greater than that of the sheep and half as much again as that of the goat, and in number of vibrations of his general chord of vibrations, this dog has a trifle less than myself and my friend.’

‘It must be remarked that among the men, especially men of recent times, very many are to be met with who have not even as great a number of vibrations of their common presence as the number shown by the presence of this dog.’

‘This has come about because in most of these people I have just mentioned, one function for instance, and, namely, the function of emotion, which actualizes the main quantity of subjective vibrations, is already almost completely atrophied, and therefore the sum total of vibrations in them proves to be less than in this dog.’

What vibrations come from artificial intelligence? What vibrations come from genetically modified organisms compared to those original ones with ‘seed in itself after his kind’ ?

The answers should be known as there is supposed to be an Us satellite which records all vibrations originating from the whole planet.  Obviously there is a whole world of science we know nothing about and probably will not know for our obsession with virtual reality and ai….




The Bukharian dervish Hadji Asvatz Troov BT G.I.G.

Genesis Hebrew/Greek/En

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