Thank you Ms Anderson

First  I was asked to read only  the theory books  as a precaution against subjective distortions. I am not the best follower on earth so I took those with the subjective experiences as well and instantly I was able to perceive the emotional element, which brought understanding to the theoretical  formulas. One of them was Ms M. Anderson’s book The Unknown G. It is a gift to humanity and I was deeply moved by the story of denials she had to put up with.  From what she wrote I understood that she was aware of the immense importance of the teaching  for future generations and wanted to pass it down to them, which is the most genuine impulse one can have. Yet to undertake such task  one needs real courage to conquer first one’s own feeling of inefficacy, personal doubts of all kinds as one is opening the door to his/her essence for the world to enter and the world is the most unforgiving savage. Fortunately her being was high enough to handle all that stuff and  Ms. Anderson did not give up, finished the Octave and   60 years after  the publishing of her book I would like to express my gratitude that she persevered in her effort. You were absolutely right in your instincts Margaret, your book is indispensable to many of us and will  hopefully be to future generations.

Some excerpts:

You have to learn not only to understand but to explain; you will see that you can understand certain things only by explaining them to others

One must learn from one who knows.

Pay back to lighten the load  of the CREATOR, pay back in gratitude and effort for the fact that Evolution has helped you to get this far.

Understanding is according to the essence, not according to personality.

A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, a life for a life….     no one ever gave me a hint, in my young days, that these three phrases present a picture, on three planes, of man’s three interacting systems. We do have second teeth that replace baby teeth; we do develop an eye to see those things which are unseen; we do have to give up one kind of life to find another kind.  But no parents or religionists seem to know the undermeaning. They simply say ‘the words of Jesus are clear and cannot be misunderstood by anyone, who wants to understand them. Wants to – and then what?

“After a certain rate of vibration everything in the universe becomes psychological. Air and light = psychological food. The transmutation of substances.”

“….a succession of bodies in ourselves, each of a higher vibration”








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