How intelligent the robots actually are?

“The density of vibrations and the density of matter express many other properties of matter. Till now we have said nothing about the intelligence   or the consciousness of matter. Meanwhile the speed of vibrations of a matter shows the degree of intelligence of the given matter. You must remember that there is nothing dead or inanimate in nature. Everything in its own way is alive, everything in its own way is intelligent and conscious. Only this consciousness and intelligence is expressed in a different way on different level of being – that is on different scales. The degree of consciousness corresponds to the degree of density or the speed of vibrations. This means that the denser the matter the less conscious it is, the less intelligent.

So the intelligence is determined not by the density of matter but by the density of vibrations…… is imperative that you should understand the principles of the classification and the definition of living beings from the cosmic point of view, from the point of view of their cosmic existence. In ordinary science classification is made according to external traits – bones, teeth, functions, mammals, vertebrates, rodents exact knowledge classification is made according to cosmic traits.

As a matter of fact, there are exact traits , identical  for everything living, which allows us to establish the class and the species  of a given creature with the utmost exactitude, both in relation to other creatures as well as to its own place in the universe.

These traits are the traits of being. The cosmic level of being of every living creature  is determined:

  1. by what this creature eats
  2. by what it breaths
  3. by the medium in which it lives

They are connected with the definition of intelligence according to the table of hydrogens. The intelligence of a matter is determined by the creature for whom it can serve as food. Which is more intelligent from this point of view, a raw potato or a baked potato? The raw potato can serve as food for pigs, the baked for man. So baked potato is more intelligent than raw.

The cosmic order  of each being determines its food, the air and the medium in which it lives.

We cannot improve  it because the organism is adapted to transform precisely the coarse matters into fine matters and by changing them it could not do that. Neither food nor air can be changed.

But  impressions, that is the quality of the impressions possible to man are not subject to any cosmic law.  He can improve them to a high degree and in this way introduce fine “hydrogens” into the organism. It is precisely on this that the possibility of evolution is based…..a man who makes higher hydrogens the “food” for the upper story of his machine will certainly differ from one who feeds on the lower “hydrogens”.

Several excerpts from P.D. Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculous.

If we apply this system to robots and as a matter of fact to transhumans, I am not sure where to place them. How will they transform the coarse matter into the fine matter of higher hydrogens? Would that inability put them on a level of pigs in a cosmic scheme?


food diagram0715_193015

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