Deadly game

It is quite clear to see that we are not in a third rate broad way show with happy ending, but after the fundamentals of human existence. The west in its hunt for knowledge stole everything which was available to steal, patented it and with all glory of AI ends up  with green apples.  We are hanging in the interval and our  self-deified  science needs a shock to get to the next level. As it does not seem to consider the  quality over the quantity,  meaning trinary system over the binary in other way  quick stealing over  long seeking one,  should consider  a possibility of  a global plan to move to the cradle of Wisdom on our planet and  steal by our characteristic cunning ways the missing tools, which is possible for a price of  nothingness.

India I would be highly on guard if I were you, but of course you know that.

Dr Horton’s remark  suddenly   connected separate things.





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